Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dogs Of Dreamtime

Dogs of Dreamtime was loaned to me by a friend with the prediction of, “This is your kind of book.” Her prediction proved to be correct. At first, I think I was a bit skeptical that the author’s original Sheltie Kiera, could come back in the form of a second dog. By the middle of the book I was a believer.
Karen Shanley has written a memoir of her life with three dogs with some very special coyotes. It is mystical, spiritual, and will bring a few tears. Dogs of Dreamtime will resonate with you if you have ever loved and lost a dog. 

After returning the copy back to my friend, I decided I couldn't live without it on my bookshelves.  Not only do I now have my own copy, it is a hard back. Yea for ABE books!  

Karen Shanley now writes a blog titled Author Mom with Dogs ( I enjoyed her book and am now enjoying her blog.