Sunday, September 18, 2016

Red Bag Mix and Match-On The Road

This post could also be titled."The Red Bag Goes Road Tripping". Michael and I aren't the types to sit on the beach and get sand in our toes. We occasionally like to drive somewhere and see something new. Our mantra: "You can find something interesting wherever you go." This time we wanted to visit Hannibal Missouri, Springfield, Illinois and Hermann, Missouri with small stops along the way. 

I wanted to take a big bag for that inevitable question: "Can you put this in your bag for a while?" I decided on my red Coach bucket bag because it is the largest bag I have. I call it my "horse bucket bag" and didn't realize how big it was when I ordered it. 

Generally not being a jeans and tee-shirt type of lady, I shopped my closet to work an interchangeable wardrobe around "the horse bucket". We were on the road for six days and I didn't want a repeat look.

The Road Trip Capsule

4 Bottoms:  blue jeans, red jeans, white jeans, black slim pants. 
4 Tops: white organza with tucks, black long sleeve, black and white stripped, white under top with men's wear shirt. 
2 Shoes: red textured flats, black loafer styled flats
Accessories: paisley print red scarf, minimal jewelry, a Fedora
and of course, one big red bag. 

Time to get started on this trip! 

Look at those hopeful faces behind me as we are about to leave. Only Sophia got to go road-tripping. Millie and Niko and the rest of our crew were babysitted by daughter Rachelle. Sophia was my first adopted Poodle and sometimes she and I just need our time.

Day one pick was red Madewell jeans, a white organza tucked top, a silk Echo scarf and Nine West black loafer flats. Also important is my book bag, sort of a hippy dippy affair that I found at a yarn show. For this trip I took my iPad, Voyager by Diane Gabaldon and We Were Hanging by a Thread by Ann Brownfield and David W. Jackson.

Sophia and I strolling on the banks of the Mississippi river in Hannibal, Missouri. As you likely know, Hannibal is the birthplace and childhood home of Mark Twain. I remember reading Tom Sawyer in the 4th grade and Huckleberry Finn in the fifth.

Day two choices were black Mango straight leg pants, a black and white stripped knit top and red Enzo Angiollini flats. 

Ahhh, that famous fence...............

I kept my Fedora handy. Anytime, I didn't like the sun, on my head it went.

Springfield, IL, was our main destination. I had been there before but Michael hadn't. We decided this was the year to visit the "great man". Without going into detail, I will say the three days we spent in Springfield were some of the most meaningful and, yes, sometimes very emotional that we have had on a trip. 

The National Park Service maintains the Lincoln's home and surrounding neighborhood. There isn't an entrance fee and there are tours. For seventeen years the Lincolns lived and raised their boys in the house. Originally, their home was a single story, but as he became more successful, they added a second story. 

Three of these pieces are repeated from my post last week. I really like the ease of wearing of this combo and have been sporting it a lot lately. I did leave my blue Cabbie hat at home. It was a good day to wear red, white and blue.

This is a poor picture of me, the sun is just too bright, but I wanted to include a photo of Lincoln's memorial. Although I have no photos of it, I want to mention that the Lincoln Museum is amazing! There is an entrance fee but it is worth every penny. Did you know that only Jesus Christ has been written about more than Abraham Lincoln?

I finally put my hat on! Sophia and I are in front of The Dana-Thomas House by Frank Lloyd Wright which is another Springfield highlight. Wright was given card blanc by Susan Lawrence Dana for this design and did he design! He only did three barrel vaults in his career. Two of them are at the Dana-Thomas house and the other was for his children's playroom at Oak Park.

Black and white for today. Black and white is a simple but classic and no fail look.

Our last day was spent back in Hermann, Missouri. Michael and I like to support Missouri's grape and grain producers and this is one of the best places to do so.
This area of Missouri is considered the "Missouri Rhineland" and is the main wine producing area in the area.

"The Missouri Rhineland is a geographical area of Missouri that extends from west of St. Louis to slightly east of Jefferson City, located mostly in the Missouri River Valley on both sides of the river. It is named for its similarities to the Rhineland region in central Europe, a wine growing area around the Rhine river and the German-Americans who determined that this part of Missouri would be good for grape growing." 

There is now the Pinckney Bend Distillery added to the mix which was a high point for me on this trip. Our favorite vineyard is Röbbler. Robert Mueller, his family and their wines are great. Röbbler is still small enough to feel very personable and they love dogs! Röbbler was featured this past spring in Feast.

For Michael, I am going to mention Tin Mill Brewery because he does like his German beer. Quite frankly, I rather like it myself. We've been going to Tin Mill for a good nine years and their selection just gets more creative and more expansive.

I had to add this. I uploaded this to Facebook on July 28th, 2009. It is one of the first photos I ever put on Facebook. We are at Tin Mill in its early days.

For this shot, I and Sophia are in front of some of the vineyards of Stone Hill, another notable wine maker in Hermann. 

Last photographed outfit. Back with the white top and printed scarf but this time with the black pants and shoes.

The one that didn't get photographed. 

On the trip, I found out that my photographer does not really care for my red jeans. We had one day of just mainly driving and the last combination didn't get photographed. In lieu, I made a collage. I've done a look like this on the blog before with a different black and white stripped top and different shoes. 

The Polished Accessory

I chose Elevation Polish's Kawagebo for this trip. It is a light blue crelly (half way between a cream and jelly finish) with a very subtle gold shimmer. Elevation Polish's creator Lulu is an outdoor trekker and the majority of her colors are named after geological areas in the world. More importantly, Elevation Polish has proven it's quality and integrity. This polish, with a top coat, lasted the whole trip without a chip. It was amazing!

We have reached our end today and I hope you enjoyed this little bit of fashion and a little bit of travelogue.

 I used mainly solids for this capsule group but added a stripped print and my paisley scarf. Scarfs are important to my wardrobe because they can add a pop of color and they can change a look without to much effort. When I go thrifting, one the first things I look for are the scarfs. There are a lot of average ones to be found, but once in a while I score that gorgeous silk as the one I am wearing in this post. 

I am going to take very small break from blogging. It may be one week or two, I am not sure. So until then, I will bid adieu. In the meantime, Happy Styling!

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Blue Cabbie

Last weekend we took advantage of the three day holiday and headed to Joplin, Missouri for family time and great food. Our daughter, Rachelle, and I decided to have a photo-shoot for the blog. Michelle, our oldest, also had a hand with my makeup (more later). Today's look is vintage me: a little bit of the new, old and thrifted. 

Taking a step back, in August Michael and I went to Macy's to pick new shoes and clothes for him. Along the way, I threw in a blue Cabbie hat from the Men's department for me. I've never had a Cabbie before and decided it was time to sport one. 
This particular hat is paper straw and I think it will be great for going from summer to fall and spring to summer.

Rachelle is always after me to wear my glasses more. I do like these, mainly because of their great transition lenses.

My Nine West oxfords have been on here before. With their open crochet work, they are a great fall and spring shoe. Versions in black and white are still on Amazon, but I don't think the tan are available anymore.

The Eric Javits (eBay) bag is a repeat. This was an accidental find because I was looking for something else. I forgot the original quest when I saw this navy and tan number.

My Madewell jeans are another repeat.  I have other jeans but these are my main ones. The classic Gap shirt and white knit under top were thrifted. For me, this is a classic look that is easy and comfortable to wear. I could also put a navy top under this and it would look good.

I had my eye makeup put on by the makeup expert of the family, Michelle. Eye looks (o.k.-makeup in general) are difficult for me. At best, I muddle through, but Michelle has just learned a lot in her sparse spare time (she's a veterinarian and has with our son-in-law, their own clinic). I can tell you that I am wearing Kat Von D and Viseart products that she gets from Beautylish.

We were off to Jo-Anne's fabric store and a little thrifting so it was time to end this photo shoot.

One piece that I particularly wanted to point out for this post is my new pendant. It is part of Janesko's Atomic line. Jennifer Janesko is a Kansas City artist and jewelry designer that I have long admired. I have especially have loved her Atomic line, but Jennifer told me that the Atomic line is being discontinued and it is now discounted. I jumped at that and now this pendent is in my collection. 

A brief and short history of the Cabbie/Newsboy hat.

This is not the first time I have had a Cabbie hat on this blog. Over four years ago, I did a feature after I had knitted a three piece set (hat, scarf and gloves) for daughter Rachelle. If you are interested, the original post is HERE. If not, don't worry because below is what I discovered about its history. 

Even Barbara, Barbie and Buster have their Newsboys

The Newsboy is one of the most iconic hats of the late 19th and 20th century.  This hat goes by many other names: Flat Hat, Gatsby Hat, Gold Hat, Driving Cap, among others.  

I have read that this style goes as far back as 14th century England.  It has been claimed by every class of people, starting with the working class and eventually taken up by the upper classes as part of the weekend country attire. 

Traditionally, the Newsboy is constructed from eight panels cut from plain wool or tweed.  It can also be a rounded cap with a small brim and a stiffer back.  I have seen versions of the hat with the top snapped down to the brim as well as remaining free of the brim. The ladies in the above collage are wearing the traditional hat whereas the men have on the smoother, non-paneled look.

That is enough for today, so I will bid adieu until next week. In the meantime, Happy Styling!

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The photography credits this week goes to daughter Rachelle and then to yours truly just for the polish photo. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Cinderella's Capsule Wardrobe

This is an extra fashion post to my usual Sunday afternoon article. 

I am a designer at heart. Of course, so far I have four patrons who require my constant services: three little Poodles and a fifty-five year-old doll, Cinderella. This post covers designs for my beloved 'Rella'.

Sometime last year, I started creating a capsule wardrobe, a group of interchangeable pieces. Quite a few months later--I skipped a few working on this--I'm finished!

Starting out, I was was aiming for a resort type wardrobe. I ran out of steam before I got a swim suit and a coverup done (next year maybe?). This turned into an early spring to late summer wardrobe for a doll who doesn't like to swim.

She is a doll of the early 60's and I wanted this grouping to play that up. I recycled old clothes from my closet to create her wardrobe. They mainly were:
  • an denim Woolrich jumper
  • a Eddie Bauer chambray dress with faggoting trim
  •  and old white blouse I made for my daughter but it was just HUGE and even though it was authentic YSL fabric she never wore it. 

The main problem sewing for this doll is that I don't really have patterns to fit her (she's 29" and pretty slim). Thank goodness for Photoshop because I am able to resize any doll pattern that I have.  Still, I usually have to make a few changes. 

It's time to get started..........

The first thing I made was a lined hooded swing jacket with cuffed clam digger pants. Accessories for this look are black leather ballet flats with bows, a navy leather bag and a simple beaded necklace and bracelet set. I made all the accessories, shoes and bags because you just aren't going to find things for a doll of this size. Ebay has nice selections of leather scraps and they suit my purpose just fine. 

Earrings are the exception because I can find them in small sizes. Pearl earrings are the easiest, I just use two of my pearl ended straight pins. 

The triangles at the bottom of the side seams are there for a reason. My jumper wasn't wide enough for the pattern, so there was a last minute design change.

Next, I took the jacket off and added a hat. 'Rella's knitted shell is something that I did as an example for a color theory class I teach for fiber enthusiasts. I hand painted the yarn for this top in a Rectangle Tetrad * of red violet, orange, yellow green and blue green. Each of these colors have been tempered with their respective complementary colors. If there are any fiber folks reading this, I use acid dyes by Lanaset. I find that Lanaset dyes are the most permanent to washing and light that I know.

I kept the pants but changed the knit top for a short sleeve cuffed blouse with a tie belt out of the YSL fabric. I like the hidden button detail. Who can't use a tote bag for shopping?

I pulled out one of my vintage Poodle scarfs so she could look mid-century trendy. American Girl sunglasses are a tad small but still work.

Finally switching out the pants, she is now wearing a skirt and I've added a turban. The turban fabric is some really awful stuff that I got from Walmart for testing out knit patterns (I threw out what fabric was left after that project). Other things I added were a studded clutch and cork platforms. The shoes are always the hardest part of these projects. I use the web site Fashion Doll Shoes for ideas on techniques.

Heading into warmer weather I added shorts and a repurposed straw hat that was given to me years ago by our FCCLA teacher. All I had to do was to add a band, I believe made from the front band of an old dress.

For even warmer weather I added a sleeveless top and some simple slides for her third pair of shoes.

Just in case 'Rella has to go out to a nice dinner, she has a lounging pant skirt from an experimental pattern based on a skirt I made for myself. In case the evening gets a little chilly, I knitted her one of my "Rows Of Many Colors" shawls. Each row is a different yarn. This technique creates quite a nice textured surface.

With that, I'm done because I didn't make any more.

I found a photo of the Christmas morning when Cinderella came into my life. I was pretty proud.

Sadly, her original dress has long since disintegrated.

At this point, you may think I'm a tad crazy. Further, this is not the first time Cinderella has been on this blog. Her first outfit feature is HERE and I talk a little more about getting her.

 *What is a rectangular Tetrad you ask? It is four colors on the color wheel that form a rectangle as shown by this color wheel. 

Add caption

That is enough for today, so I will bid adieu until next week. In the meantime, Happy Styling and sewing (if you partake)!

Photography credit goes today to me and my Dad on Christmas all those years ago.

I am trying a few new linkup parties with this post because it is a little different for me. This was a labor of love and I do want to share it. There are only a few linkups that I found for this kind of post. It could be that I just don't know where to look, but I found:


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Sunday, September 4, 2016

PaperCut Cotton Tee by Whitney Manney

Hello again and I hope everyone's week went smoothly. I know it went quickly because they all seem to. At least we start a three-day weekend (if you are in the states). Will that slow things down? I doubt it. But it does give us some extra time to spend with friends and family. This year we are heading south to Joplin, Missouri, for our son-in-law's great smoked barbecue.

There has been a lot of graphic tee shirts on Instagram and fashion blogs during this past spring and summer. It has been hard to miss that they have been very popular. 

This popularity left me unscathed. My purchase of any type of tee shirt during the last five years has been just one (it had to do with dog rescue). I just stopped buying them. Back in the day when we would go somewhere, we had to buy tee shirts. I have Smithsonian, St. Louis Zoo, Monticello, Florida and sheep show tee shirts. The list could go on and on. However, they would just languish in drawers. It finally dawned on me that I really just don't wear tee shirts. 

OK, our school's Parent Teacher Organization would give us teachers a free Adrian Blackhawk staff tee shirt every year and I would wear those. I still covet my NEA "Read Across America" Dr. Seuss Tee shirt (that I still have).

However, I knew about a month ago, I was going to fall off the "no buy" tee shirt wagon. Whitney Manney, an up and coming Kansas City designer, came out with her Paper Cut Tee Shirts. I had to have one. The designs in the shirts are exactly what they say: paper collages. My term for them is Graphic Art Tee Shirts, because I feel like I am wearing original art. The design I chose here is All Dressed.

A good friend from North Carolina often insists: "Southern women wear pearls with their flip flops." Well, this is my answer. This mid-western woman wears pearls with her tee shirts. 

I picked a size that fit my bust because I figured I would tailor the shirt for the rest of my body, as I do most everything else. I am going to hold off on that because, right now, I like the blousey look and especially like the sleeves rolled up. Eventually, I may take it to the sewing machine but not this summer. 

Now, back to the pearls. When I was fifty-five, I decided I wanted to wear pearls. The first ones that I bought were the classic Jackie O/Barbara Bush three-stranded style but, for me, they are the hardest to wear. To begin with, they are heavy! I have my 18" ones on today and also have a set that is 24".

Besides my pearls, I chose shoes and bag of a pale leaning toward neutral pink. The shoes are Ellen Tracy and the bag is by Big (both from TJ Maxx but at different occasions). The bag and shoes have been on here before when I did a challenge for Sylvia's 40+ group

Of course, the most important accessory in these pictures is Sophia, my miniature apricot poodle. I adopted her seven years ago come this October 1st, when she was about 3-5 years. She is one of the best things I have ever done. I took a ragamuffin who looked so bad that the rescue named her Fraggle and turned her into a queen (well, in my eyes).

I wanted everyone to have a closer look at the graphics. For me, between the chandelier, makeup brush, clock and that incredible red dress, it's like Cinderella meets the 60's.

While editing the photos for this post, I realize that this has been as close as I have gotten to Pantone's "colors" of the year. I say close, because I know that my pink is very neutralized, but this is probably as close as I will get.

The Polished Accessory

I had to have a pink polish for this and picked a color by Orly, another one of my favorite polish brands. This is Pink Waterfall from their 2013 Surreal Collection. It is a pink creme but with an underlying blue that gives it extra depth.

Orly doesn't have this color in their current offerings, which I think is a shame. But, with Amazon and eBay around, it can always be had. I have three colors from the Surreal collection (including one named Pink Poodle) and have to say this collection is one of my all time favorites. 

Sophia is going to get some face-time today. She is wearing a pink pearl necklace with a pink rhinestone drop that I made just for this shoot. Sophia is also wearing a Tiara Bow with Swarovsky crystals. I designed these and make them in all colors for her.

For me, Poodles and fashion always go together. Check HERE and HERE for my posts on classic fashion photos with Poodles. While I am on the subject, here are some very famous people who owned Poodles HERE and HERE. OK, that's enough Poodle!

Whitney Manney 

As I previously mentioned, Whitney Manney is a Kansas City designer, a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute (2012) and one of five recipients of a Rightfully Sewn's scholarship for the  FactTrac (Kauffman Foundation) program. 

Whitney is in her twenties and creates energetic street wear. She designs for the young urban and I appreciate what she does. My youngest is drooling over a pair of her leggings. I was so happy when I saw the PaperCut shirts because I think they are a design for all ages and all sizes. 

Here are the designs that she offers.

All Dressed also comes in grey

The Think About Love comes in pink and white.

The Power Shirt comes in burgundy and dark olive.

I had to include the PrimaRebelle Printcess Skater Dress. This digital print is now it is on sale for $95 and I can so see it on my youngest daughter, Rachelle. Both prints are amazing.

I wore my tee shirt Saturday to a Pop Up shop event featuring some of my favorite Kansas City designers. I am just showing Michael my next bag! It's a Dolyn Bag by Ami Beck.

That is enough for today, so I will bid adieu until next week. In the meantime, Happy Styling!

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The photography credit  this week goes to my Hubby, Michael for the photos of me. I will take credit for the polish photo.