Friday, December 28, 2012

Poodle Time Has A New Home

Hello, We have news. Poodle Time is now on it's own. If you read The Journal for Poodle Time articles, please click here to find our new home. 
There will be new articles every week and the process has already started of moving all the archived articles over. 

We are excited about this new opportunity to bring more information about care, well being, and of course the cultural side of Poodles and their friends. If there is anything you would like us to bring attention to in our new blog (news, new products, etc.) let us know. 

Terri, Sophia, and Niko

What do you think about our new header?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas From Poodle Time

Merry Christmas 
 I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas. And here is to a new year that is full of hope, love and charity. 

Terri, Sophia, and Niko

Monday, December 17, 2012

Alvin Lustig and Mid-Century Modernism

Incantation. Designed by Alvin Lustig, 1947. Printed cotton
Alvin Lustig was a mid-century designer who worked in so many disciplines he is hard to pigeonhole. I opened up the post with a piece of fabric but am going to include a variety of designs showing mastery in different disciplines. 

Lustig was born in 1915 and died in 1955. He attended the Los Angeles School of Art and did a brief stint with Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin East. Richard Neutra and Phillip Johnson could be counted among his friends. He and his wife had studios in California and New York. In the 50's he moved to Israel in an effort to establish strong modern design in the infant country. Unfortunately, he passed away before this plan could really be carried out. 

Lustig's strongest contribution was in book cover illustration and was highly sought after for illustrating novels. Along with this he designed fabric, furniture, and interiors. An in-depth study of Lustig can be found here if further investigated is wanted. 


A Selection of Book Covers designed by Alvin Lustig

Segmented lounge chair by Alvin Lustig for Paramount Furniture-1951

Custom Standing Light for Edgardo Contini 1949

Black and white study for a fabric design, 1940's 

Alvin Lustig in his California studio

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Poodle Time! Deck The Tree With Poodles

Most of our trees are up, so this week I went on a Poodle ornament hunt across the Internet. Here's just a small amount of what I discovered.

This is my favorite. Why?-because you can make it at home. I found a wonderful blog for do it yourself things for dogs.-Sew Doggie Style

This ornament is already sold but I think the Etsy shop owner
will make ornaments on request (probably after Christmas) and maybe with 

you dog's portrait.The shop's name is TreePets,

Love this little brown Poodle ornament. He is made by a small company (ArcherEnterprisess) along with many other dog breed ornaments. 

You can find all kinds of dogs hiding in teacups at "My Favorite Holiday Store".

Pick your color-but the black is already sold out for this year.
These can be found at Trendy Tree.

And I saved this beauty for the end. It is the elusive ornament-I can't
really find a direct store to get it from-but it's
so beautiful, I had to put it in.

I could go on and on with the ornaments. If you start looking around you will see what I mean. Have a great decorating week.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Franz Marc-The Horse Paintings

This week is a Part II for Franz Marc. I am going to explore the horse paintings a little more. If you need a short review of Frans Marc, see my earlier post.

Today's Gallery

Large Lenggries, 1910

Horse In A Landscape

Large Blue Horses

Grazing Horses

Tower Of Horses, 1913

Horse and Dog

I have few posters in our house. But I made an exception for Grazing Horses. This painting has been my #1 favorite for years. When I redesigned and made a dining area in our Ranch House, there was no question as to what painting or poster of a painting to put on the wall.

Dining Area

Friday, December 7, 2012

Poodle Time! Christmas Greetings

I am about to send out a few Christmas cards. In reflection of this, I have rounded up a few vintage cards. Some can't be found anywhere. Some can be bought on Ebay for a price and a few vintage looking cards can be  purchase from a couple of Internet companies.

(which means even if you love it, you still can't
get it. )

Vintage Cards on Ebay
(which means they can be yours for a price)

Buy Now at $3.99

Buy now at $19.99 or best offer
Buy Now  for $6.99

Current Vintage Looking and Modern Cards From Current Companies
(which means that they are pretty affordable)

Zazzle and Cafe Press both have a nice selection of cards. Here are a couple of samples. 

A sample from Zazzle-there are many more. I
will have to say that I am partial to this one
because of the different color of Poodles
that are featured.

A sample from Cafe Press-again there are more Poodle cards to choose from.

A Little Shopping Extra

We like helping all rescues. Sophia and Niko get things from Col. Potter Cairn Rescue. To help raise money, Cornel Potter has a nice
 little shop on Ebay. Stop by and see if you would like to buy a gift for your favorite (or favorites) fur baby.  

Just a Few of the things you can find at Col. Potter's

If anyone has other Etsy or Ebay sites that support rescue efforts and items are animal oriented, please let me know and I 
will share them at Poodle Time. 

Sophia is always ready for nite-nite on Christmas Eve wearing
her jammies from Col. Potter

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Poodle Time!-Miscellany

Wonderful Vintage wallpaper

We have made it through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and I know that all of our minds are on Christmas and Hanukah. 

We have holiday posts planned, but for today I am going to just put up a collection of images that just don't really fit into any category. I just really like them. So without further yak-yak, here they are:

Boy was Prince Rupert's constant companion until the dog's death at the Battle of Marston Moor (2 July 1644)

My dream is to design a modern day version of this vintage sweater.

 Sophia and I actually got kicked out of a gallery-Lucky woman.

I love this-Poodle goes Victorian

Neat fashion illustration

A dedication to my favorite period in design-Mid-Century Modern

Sophia in Richard Schultz Chair for Knoll, circa 1960's 
(the chair, not the poodle)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Arts Alive in Kansas City

Art and Culture is alive and well in Kansas City, Missouri. One way to explore this varied cultural life is through Arts Alive. Once a month this group explores visual art (including private art collections), music, theatre, and dance. There is always great food to accompany the events. 

The price for this unique experience is only $25.00. This is a deal folks. We live an hour from the city and drive up for these events. 

Let me share our last outing. The group went on an art crawl in the West Bottoms. The first stop on our journey was Amigoni Urban Winery. We tried a sample of their wine with snacks and picked up our main event ticket. Main event tickets are always at the first venue stop.

Amigoni's vineyards are located near Warrensburg, Missouri. They make their
wines in The Drover Telegraph Building in the West Bottoms.

The next stop was the Bill Brady Gallery which is next door to the winery. 

The Bill Brady Gallery has a wonderful space for showing large and small works. It is a
great use for a west bottom abandoned building.
The Dolphin Gallery was next on the list. An incredible selection of food and drink was waiting for us. Food is always well selected by the Arts Alive board. No one had an excuse for going hungry that night. 

Exterior of the Dolphin Gallery

After we ate and enjoyed the galleries at Dolphin, there was one more gallery to visit before going to the main event. This was  PLUG Projects

"PLUG PROJECTS is a curatorial collaboration by four Kansas City artists who share the mission of bringing fresh perspectives and conversation to the local art community. Our goal is to energize artists and the public at large by exhibiting challenging new work, initiating critical dialogue, and expanding connections of artists in Kansas City as part of a wider, national network of artists."-quoted from the PLUG Project website. 

Our last and main event was two hours of live jazz with Megan Birdsall and some of the best jazz musicians in KC. It was held at the former R bar now run by Moxie Catering. 

Interior of R Bar

What's Happening This Month

On Friday December 17th, Arts Alive is having a double venue. We will start out at Studio and home of Jason Pollen, former head of the fiber department of Kansas City Art Institute and then will head over to the Unicorn Theater to see "Inspecting Carol". There will be only 70 tickets up for grabs. Private resident viewings always have about half the regular amount of tickets available. This outing will sell out quickly. If you want to go, act fast. I already have my tickets! May sure you have a PayPal account. It is the only way to pay for Arts Alive events. 

Visit the Arts Alive website to read all about the group and check out the event for yourself. It is a great all around art experience.
There is no membership fee or meetings to attend, (unless you want to volunteer for the board). You just need to buy a ticket and go. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Poodle Time! The Colorful Abstract Poodles

It is time for another "Art Wednesday".

I have wanted to do a collection of modern abstract art inspired by Poodles for a while. My criteria for selection was that an artist made a personal statement which was inspired by Poodles.  Use of design and color was also considered   

 Links have been added if pieces are available for purchase or if there is information about the artist. May these Poodles brighten up your day. And Happy Thanksgiving!

Today's Gallery

By Sandra Cointreau. I don't think this is available at this time.
Her website has many other wonderful works by her.

Collage Poodle by Amanda Beckman. This image is from Spread-shirt.
Amanda Beckman's website can be found here

Pop Poodles by Laura Sotka-This work can be purchased at Dog-Art

Whimsical French Poodle by Jo Lynch. This print can
be purchased at Fine Art America

Prize Poodle by Peter Clark. He is represented by the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London.
Examples of other works can be found there. 

This looks to be a fun time on Photoshop. It is along the Warhol theme. I
might try this with one of my Poodle pictures.

The Flower Power Poodle-This can be found at Deposit Photos

Sort of a modern folk art take on the Poodle. This artist's works can
be found on Ebay

And speaking of color Mom, it is time for my mani. Look at my nails. I want to
look good for Thanksgiving!