Monday, March 28, 2016

2 For Kansas City Fashion Week

My previous post was about the Rightfully Sewn 2016 Scholarship Winners Celebration Event on Saturday March 12th which opened Kansas City Fashion Week. Later that week my daughter Rachelle and I picked up two other events. 

Bubbly and Bow Ties

On Wednesday, we donned our fancy dresses and headed to Bubbly and Bow Ties which featured Dolyn Bags and Keefe Cravat. It was a lovely evening of pink bubbly to sip and delicious appetizers to nibble. 

The black dress is Liz Claiborne, the baguette is Jessica McClintock, the silver metallic sandals by Badgley Mischka.

This picture of Rachelle shows off the fantastic 
front of her vintage silk dress. 
She picked it up a couple of years ago at a 
Kansas City vintage shop. And it has pockets! 

Between the decorative slits and buttons on my velvet dress,
I didn't have to worry about a necklace. This dress was a
thrift'fastic find, brand new with the tags still
on from Dillards!

A close up of the Jessica McClintock baguette, polish 
(two different polishes to create the effect)
 and my amethyst ring
I am going to share on my my favorite
 eBay shops (where I got my ring) which is 

Ami Beck of Dolyn Bags with her models and hand crafted leather bags.

Keefe Cravat and Dolyn Bags

What's a night without a Selfie? We are very good at inventing our own fun and had a great time!

I'm Closing this section with a just found "after publication" of us at Bubbly & Bow Ties.

Saturday Night Runway Show Featuring Kansas City Designers 

For us, the most important runway show was Saturday because it featured Kansas City Designers. On the Runway that night were Architexture, Tomboy Design, Lucia's Sarto, Erin Paige Jewelry, christianMICHAELS, and Andrea Marie Long Designs. 
First up is our official red carpet photo. I am going to talk about our bags up front. I collect vintage bags, mainly concentrating on Rodo of Italy. Rachelle is carrying one of those. My pick for the evening is a vintage Crocodile clutch from Eileen Kramer

My duster, knit top and pants are 100% silk and have been in my closet for about eight years. I just change the accessories as time goes by. Together, these pieces have a casual elegance that I love. 

The necklace I picked this time is a beaded band from India that I picked up at the Nelson Atkins Museum's gift shop last year. The shoes are Nine West, which tends to be one of my favorite brands.   

Rachelle's found her dress at Tweeds, a small Kansas City Boutique. It has a fantastic texture.

On Saturday, we tended to take photos of the clothes but had to do one Selfie!

On Saturday, we tended to take photos of the clothes but had to do one Selfie

Rachelle was able to snap a photo of the whole team of Lucia's Sarto (Natalya Myers) for the show. We've have been following her career since she was showing Goth dresses at the Fringe Festival. Now she makes theses ethereal creations. Natalya is the blond on the far left.

Next up is a short video of another one of my favorites, Laura McGrew's Tomboy Design.

Laura McGrew and Natalya Myers are the only two designers I am featuring. For a larger overview, please go to KCFW's site. There will be links to more photos and videos.

As I was purchasing a necklace at Erin Paige's Pop-Up, an older gentleman asked us how we liked the jewelry. After I extolled my enthusiasm, he proudly announced that he was her father. 

As ChrisianMICHAELS Menswear was making their runway finale, an older gentlemen who was sitting next to us, asked Rachelle if she liked the clothes. There was a coat that she really wanted and she told him. He then let us know that he was the parent of the designer.

I am usually that parent. Rachelle is a Kansas City artist and when we go to one of her openings, it's me who is always hovering, trying to listen and see what folks think about her work. It was interesting being on the other side. 

And I am closing with a small vignette of my accessories that I styled for my Saturday look. Vintage Japanese stage costume pieces have been turned into earrings by Trajet Jewelry. The amber, silver and gold bangles were added along with my Amber Turkish ring.

The little brown bottle holds one of my favorite fragrances. It is November In The Temperate Deciduous Forest and is created by an Indie Kansas City perfume company For Strange Women

I couldn't let my nails go undone. I chose a base coat of Color Club's Look Don't Tusk and a top coat of Kitsume from Rainbow Honey

This long post is finally at an end. I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time, take care. 

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Color and Grace's Link Up-Party
Color and Grace's Link Up-Party

Monday, March 21, 2016

Rightfully Sewn

On Saturday March 12th, I attended the Rightfully Sewn 2016 Scholarship Winners Celebration Event. This was the kick-off event for Kansas City Fashion Week. This event featured five young Kansas City designers and was held at Anaphora, an upscale boutique. 

More about the great coat I got at Anaphora at the end!

 I mainly went to hear  Kansas City's Kaufman Foundations's  FastTrac fashion design scholars and see samples of their work. I also knew that the organization Rightfully Sewn was picked as the charity partner for this Spring's fashion week and would be represented. Did I do my homework on what exactly Rightfully Sewn was? Well no, I went to the event not knowing anything. 

Jennifer Lapka Pfeifer introducing the scholarship recipients

Almost the minute I walked in, I was greeted by a beautiful young woman (maybe I looked lost?) who introduced herself as Jennifer Lapka Pfeifer, the founder of Rightfully Sewn, and she gave me a brief introduction as to the mission of her organization. I was impressed and immediately found a quiet corner and looked Rightfully Sewn up on my phone. Here is their mission in their own words:

"Rightfully Sewn will provide seamstress training for at-risk women so they can thrive in a specialized workforce that will reestablish Kansas City as an epicenter of garment manufacturing, while at the same time, propel Kansas City fashion designers to market so they can supply the burgeoning demand for affordable, high-quality, American-produced garments."

Needless to say, after reading that, I jumped over to their Indiegogo account and contributed. I feel we need to take care of our own and fashion belongs back in Kansas City. We have a strong local food movement and need the same in fashion and I know Kansas City is not alone in this. I am pretty sure this  movement is taking hold throughout other cities worldwide.

Focusing on Dolyn Bags by Ami Beck

Kansas City designers, Heidi Herrman, Amina Wyrick Hood  and Whitney Manney 

Rightfully Sewn Links

Rightfully Sewn website

Rightfully Sewn Indiegogo account 

Scholarship Recipients Links

Ami Beck/Dolyn Bags

Heidi Hermann

Whitney Manney

Sarah Nelsen

Kate Nichols


In the beginning, I mentioned that Anaphora hosted this event. They also contributed 10% of the sales that night to Rightfully Sewn. What better reason than to shop, right? On my way out, I noticed a coat that should have already been in my closet. The problem was not if I had anything to wear with it but how could I choose what to wear with it!

My new coat is by BB Dakota.  Just the week before I had been daydreaming about windowpane checks and there they were. This coat can be worn with everything and I am planning to.  

And here I am again, but with some extra cast members. Our two Elders, Bennet the Lab (12 yrs) and Barney (14 years) decided they wanted to be in the picture and who am I to say no?

Here are a few things I put with my new coat this time around. My pants are 100% linen that I made using Vogue Pattern #2948 which is a Today's Fit pattern by Sandra Betzina. I am carrying The Spiral Bag by Tom Thomas Designs. For some color, I added a Discharged Shibori pleated silk scarf that I did a while back. 

This coat might pop up again because what I can wear with it is almost endless.

Summing Up
Today's post is about fashion, style and creating it in the United States. I'm interested in seeing these good Kansas City designers thrive. Another aspect of this venture is to train Kansas City's women at risk to learn skills that may help them create better and independent lives.

In its heyday, the Kansas City garment industry boasted 75 factories and employed between 4,000 to 7,000 workers. It was  second only to the area's meatpacking industry. 

So why am I interested in all of this you ask? Here are a few reasons. 

I have mentioned in previous posts that I have been sewing since the age of ten. That makes 55 years with the needle.

In high school, my dream was to be a fashion designer. After graduation, I walked into the dress factory of Nelly Don (at 31st and Gilliam) and convinced them to let me work there for about two months. 

If you are not familiar with Nelly Don, Seamwork Magazine has a wonderful article about her and her dress company HERE. The company did close during the late seventies but was probably one of the last garment companies to survive in KC.
In August, I took most of my money, spent it on material and made my freshman college wardrobe. I say most, because I spent some on shoes, boots, one bag, two hats and this cool bright, bright yellow, very short trench coat.

I don't know if this is really a reason to be interested in keeping fashion design in KC, but it does show you how into my fashion I was at age 18. 

During my thirty five years of art education, I tried to bring fiber and sewing into my art programs often. I knew this was something being lost and I sought to stimulate interest. I realize this was more of an artistic side of things, such as needle felting and tapestries. But sewing is sewing. 

I love fiber. Anyone who knows me also knows I have a menagerie of animals who quite happily make fiber: Alpacas, sheep (Shetland and one Merino), an Angora bunny, and one very old Angora goat.

That's it for this time around. Until we meet again, take care.

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Saying Goodby To Downton


For the past six years, at 8:00 on Sunday nights from January to March, there would only be one place Michael and I would be. That was on the couch in front of the flat-screen watching Downton Abby. 
This year, things got even better. In December, we attended an opening episode screening through our local Public Television affiliate, KCPT which also featured a talk by Alastair Bruce (The Oracle). We dressed nicely, but not in period appropriate and talk about feeling under dressed! At the end of the evening it was announced that there was going to be a wrap up party and viewing at the Hotel Phillips on March 6th.  The wheels started turning in my head!

It is interesting that this post comes after a statement in my last, as to the effect I would probably never have a style board or where to buy because I didn't shop that way. It was a bit different this time around. I had my mink shawl (years ago from Ebay) and my vintage velvet purse given to me years ago by my Mother-In-Law.  But everything else was a quest.

The  Flapper look didn't interest me. I wanted to dress like I was invited for dinner at Downton because this event was a dinner and viewing party. 

I haven't worked this hard since the girls went to prom! It was actually double the work because I had to worry about both of us. Michael was happy enough to go along with the ride as long has he didn't have to do any shopping for it.

I will start with my outfit, ladies first I guess you could say. My dress is a full length beaded affair by Pissaro Nights. It came from Ebay but Nordstrom also carries Pissaro Nights. The color is navy even thought it looks purple on the style board.

The elbow length black gloves came from Amazon. I wanted a cotton looking glove. Some day I think I will try my hand at making mid arm gloves from stretch silk because that looks like the kind of gloves used on the show.

The shoes were found on Amazon. There was a certain heel I was looking for and these dress satin shoes from Ellie were perfect. 

The necklace is by Lydell NYC which I picked up at TJ Maxx and was the last addition to the assemble. I ordered the earrings last Fall from a wholesale company LANCY NY with nothing in mind for them. They are a few tones lighter than the dress but with that Deco style, they worked for me on this one. 

And finally to my perfume. I probably was the only one there that wanted a decade perfect fragrance. Tabac Blond by Caron has always been one of my favorite scents. Created in 1919 by Earnest Daltroff, Tabac Blond was truly the fragrance for the liberated 20's woman. A combination of leather, tobacco and vanilla made it nightclub ready! 

It and Bellodgia were the two scents that made me want to explore classic perfumes. 

That pretty much sums me up. The only thing left would be my head wear and I will go into that at the end. 

 Now, to Michael.  His vintage Brooks Brothers tux was the first thing I found. This was the item that worried me the most so was the first hunted. And of course, I found it on Ebay. The jacket fitted perfectly. The pants were a tad long, but big deal, I just hemmed them. 

The shirt is Azar Man and came from Amazon as did the cotton pique vest. It was quite a search to find a shirt that didn't have pleats in the front. 

We decided to skip the plain black tie and actually went with something a little more modern that we found at our favorite KC hat shop, Exclusivity Yours.

I wanted something on my head but wasn't interested in going with a tiara. After seeing one at the party, I sort of wish I had gone with it. But I wore an original idea I came up with. Looking through my stash, I found some black sequin trim and from it cut two lengths. You can see what I did with it. The shorter length helped anchor it like at hat and it didn't move all night. It was just enough to add a tad of sparkle but not overpower.

And My Nails

The nails weren't that important in that I had gloves on during most of the night. But watching Dinker (lady maid to the Dowager Countess of Grantham aka Dame Maggie Smith ) painting her nails a new color called "nude" was great! My two colors for this design were Excalibur (silver) by A England and Dazed by Cult Nails. I ended leaving this on all week because I love the combo. 

And in closing, a view of the lobby of Hotel Phillips. It is easy to see why this venue was picked for a Downton Abby party. 

So now I will say goodbye and farewell to Downton Abby. But, you know, Julian Fellowes has said if he had his way there will be a movie. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Coffee With Michelle In Joplin Wearing Dad's Hat

My favorite posts are the ones that includes my family. Today's post is one of those. We are lucky to have to beautiful daughters (yes, I am prejudice) and two pretty neat grandsons. Today, I'm joined by my daughter Michelle and our photographer, my youngest grandson.

I originally went down to Joplin the weekend of February 27th to attend a special event, Two Men And Junk. Driving by the Joplin Expo Center we spied a line the length of a football field. Michelle and I looked at each other, laughed and decided to go for coffee (Joplin Avenue Coffee Company) and hit our favorite thrift shops instead! The weather was gorgeous and it was a great day to walk downtown with the bonus of a great graffiti filled ally behind the coffee shop.

This is a Style Blog so let's get to it. The star of the show, for me, is my hat which belonged to my Dad. When he passed in '95, I got his hats. This particular black Fedora sat in a closet because it had an ugly grey vinyl band and the same thick vinyl interior band which made it too small for my head. FINALLY after twenty odd years, I decided to do something about it. I replaced the band with grey silk that I edge stitched with light grey silk thread. The finishing touch was a vintage mother of pearl buckle, all which was from my stash. The interior band was replaced with a band of grosgrain ribbon and it then fit perfectly! I also made a cheetah band for it, but that can be for another time.

This jacket is from a local thrift shop. I thought the stripes and the color way were amazing. The label says "City Girl" and "Made in California, U.S.A. so I would place it in the late 70s-early 80s? The pant is a high waisted knit (Marshalls) with some serious zipper action going on in the front.

The top is silk by Pendleton. I have a life long love of Pendleton. In fact, the first gift my husband gave me when we were dating was a yardage of Pendleton wool so I could make a pair of slacks. My Mother for some reason got pretty upset about it. I guess she figured if a man was going to give me material, it had to be pretty serious. I remember the wool being around $18 a yard and that was in the early 70s; definitely before the days of "cheap fashion".

My bag is Coach (got to love that online sales outlet) and my shoes are pewter colored smoking flats by Nine West. As usual, I am a mix of name brand, thrifted and DYI fashion. That's just the way I have always done it. I will probably never have one of those "shop this look" because of how I shop. So it goes.

I talked Michelle into some shots with me. She describes her style as Boho. She is a knitter (her scarf) and readily Refashions thrifty finds. The black jumper she is wearing was too small so she found the perfect cobalt blue dress (the dress was pretty hideous), cut panels for her jumper from it and now has this mod chic dress. 

During the past year, Michelle has also gotten interested in head wraps. Her scarf collection is amazing and she adds jewelry, ornaments and sometimes more than one scarf. I love the drama that it creates!

I am always very happy when I find some architectural gem anywhere (the old art teacher is always there!). On the way to coffee I noticed this 3-D cement block wall. I ran my hand across it and had to have a picture with it. 

 I am coming off a three year spree of polish buying and have quite of few of red to orange shades. I thought Boudicca by Illamasqua matched this outfit. This polish glows on it's own. This is intense red orange with orange and pink micro-flakes. lllamasqua makes a very high quality product and I find it on Hautelook when Illamasqua is a featured sale and that is quite often.

When Harrison is the photographer, I always reciprocate and take some skateboard pics of him. I guess the one is his "official" portrait of the post. I will add that his Gramps and I  gave him this Revive board for Christmas. I about had a fit when I saw the bottom of it this weekend. I guess they get their war wounds.

Sequence shots using the sport speed on my Nikon 5100D.

This has been a long rambling post and it's  time to wrap things up. It has been a while since my last style post and I probably went a little crazy. Take care until next time.     


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