Thursday, April 26, 2012

Garden Thyme-Hostas, Mason City, and Frank Lloyd Wright

I first fell in love with Hostas in Mason City, Iowa. We were touring the Frank Lloyd Wright Stockman  House, a preserved Usonian house.. All around the property were beautiful huge Hostas with dark blue green leaves.

For years after that, I would buy what ever Hostas Wal-Mart had on sale. Finally, I decided that if I wanted the big blues or "Blue Giants" I would have to search harder. I now have these beauties but it will take a few years for them to reach their full potential.

Hostas have always been faithful plants for me. I ignored them for a few years, and they kept on growing. They don't get ignored anymore. I have about 30 different types. Some I know names of, some I don't. Last fall, I planted some miniatures, Stiletto, Pandora's Box, Little Mouse Ears, and Brimful Cup. I will probably plant more miniatures this fall.

The Stockman House, Mason City, Iowa