Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Seamstress Heritage

My Mother was a knowledgeable, technique driven sewing  teacher when it came to her oldest daughter.  She held every project up to the highest expectations. Many a seam would be ripped out if it didn’t meet approval. I was that daughter.  She always wanted my garments to be the best I could sew and always said, “and don’t forget that the inside needs to look as good as the outside".

 I inherited her patterns. Sometimes I go through them just to look. 

My green Asian blouse was created from one of these patterns.  Pictured is the blouse and pattern.  I kept the neckline, which I thought was wonderful.  The sleeves are the same.  However, I recut the bodice into a blouse shape, added darts around and am very happy with the results. 

The material showed a tendency to fray.  So remembering Mom’s words, I bound all my interior seams, for a very finished look.

 Happy sewing and always take a re-look at those old patterns. You never know what inspirations you will find.