Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Poodle Time!-Poodles On Wheels

Today's post is inspired by a tip about Jack Lemon and his love of Poodles. He was once quoted as saying, "I don't need a car and driver but the Poodle does". Thanks KMF for the great tip. It really inspired me. 
Jack Lemmon and his Poodle in his Ferrari
Photo by John Rawlings, definitely 50's but don't have the exact date.
A pink Poodle in what I think is a pink Thunderbird, during the 50's.
And that pooch happens to be a Poodle. I 'm not sure where I got this but place it in the late 40's.
Winston Churchill in route with one of his Poodles.  He had two during his life time and they were both named Rufus.
Just a cute vintage photograph and a girl, her tri-cycle, and her Poodle.
Mom, when I said we should get a cool sports car, I meant something larger that this!
You can give this one to the cat.
Sophia, Niko and I are going to tool on out.  Have a great week.

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