Sunday, January 17, 2016

Scents And Tips

 Hi Everyone, 

This is a quick post to introduce a new page that I am putting up today on MeadowTree (see above tabs).

This is a dedication to two of my passions: Perfumes and Nail Polish. I call them my Bells and Whistles. For me, these two things have to be present in my life to complete my style. 

My love of fragrance began long before I discovered nail polish (which has only been the last three years). Back in the day, I would even mix my own Potpourris. Although I gave that up long ago, I still have an ongoing love for fragrances, especially perfumes.

I starting nail polish about a month after I retired. A whole new world opened up which has had me rather occupied these last three years. The story on that one can be found HERE. I wrote the piece a little over two years ago. But, it explains all.  

Rather that start anew, I am publishing the links to pages I am continuously working on at the Kaleidoscope. 

And The Nail Polish

Polish Boards

That's it. I have a whole new post planned for tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it. 

Take care, Terri