Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Poodle Time!-First Edition And-Some Of My Favorite Photos


Poodle!, one of my Pinterest boards has been the most fun to organize. It has also been a board with quite a few repins.  So today, I am taking a slight deviation from the usual and featuring some of my favorite pins on my Poodle! board. 
Vintage Knitting Ad-Knit For You And Your Poodle!
1952-Dori Day With Technicolor Poodles-A Promo Shot For a Picture She Was Starring In, "April In Paris
We Must Be Coordinated!
Vintage Poodle Print

This Lady Is Stylin'

And Of Course, Every Group Needs A Diva
Sophia and Niko hope you enjoyed the selection

Hope you enjoyed a small bit of my Poodle