Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Poodle Time!-Happy Birthday Poodle Style

Last Sunday (30th) was Sophia’s 3rd Year Celebration.  I say celebration because she is a rescue from the Missouri Puppy Mill system and there is no real way that we could ever know how old she is. But, we are saying she is six this year. It is as good an age as any.

But since we had a little birthday party, I am doing Poodle Birthday today. 

Starting out with a Birthday Card from Inky Paw-one of many cute ones

Mylar Poodle birthday balloon from Balloon Party Place-
order through Amazon
"Fifi and Pierre" Paper Napkins from  Inky Paw
Shopping Poodle paper plates from Poodle Gifts-there are also cups and napkins to match

The Parti Party Poodle-sorry couldn't resist-cute little stuffed poodle with a tote of salt water taffyfound at

Sophia's Birthday

OK, when is this party going to start?

Now this is looking interesting.

I know it is HER birthday and I must be a gentleman, but............

NOW, this is more like it.

I have the Brownie recipe and a review of the cookbook it is from on a separate post.  You can find it here. 

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